What's Possible?

What's Possible?

How vulnerable are we to cybersecurity invasion?

by Oliver McGee on 02/08/14

Make no mistake access to our information is easy nowadays. All we need is one's zip code, gender, and date of birth to identify 87 percent of the population inside the United States. How vulnerable are we to cybersecurity attacks and assaults?

Tech expert discusses cyberattacks’ far-reaching consequences

by Oliver McGee on 02/08/14

“Anticipation and prediction rather than response is the key,” Oliver McGee explains while emphasizing the importance of all industries working together to maintain the security of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

He explains the importance of cybersecurity in light of the recent security breaches at major companies such as Target, Neiman Marcus, and Marriott. “Cybersecurity is about protecting the critical infrastructure of America -- which is our food, water, finances, healthcare, transportation, businesses, shopping, personal identities and records, schools, and colleges.”

“What is essential are strategic partnerships in IT security policy development and implementations working across government, university, industry, and philanthropy enterprises that will keep up with rapidly evolving IT and advanced cybersecurity threats.”

One of McGee’s books, Transforming the Ivory Tower, explains the type of scenario planning that he recommends to not only universities, but to government agencies and businesses to prepare for a number of issues including cyber attacks.

He also stresses the importance of educating and preparing a workforce that is capable of dealing with these issues citing that there is a lack of interest in the STEM fields throughout higher education.

“We need to develop a new workforce that understands cybersecurity, engineering, science, and technology.” McGee advises government agencies and businesses to, “Take Target and Marriott as a warning to get everything in order.”

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"It's all about Completion"

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

The Cinderella play of the 2014 Rose Bowl by the hidden Cinderella team of the 2013 college football season. Who knew Michigan State Spartans would be the last team standing in 2013, when Coach Mark D'Antonio challenged his team in May 2013 with his leadership challenge words "It's all about Completion." Leadership principles oftentimes are cemented by great football coaches.


$292 Million Down The Drain: White House Fires Main Obamacare IT Contractor | Zero Hedge

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

"But the best news? Obama's little tryst with CGI Federal cost US taxpayers only $292 million. As Vanity Fair revealed recently, "According to congressional testimony, CGI stands to be paid $292 million for its work on healthcare.gov." And since the CGI replacement will eventually redo everything from scratch, this is $292 million that Obama may have as well burned."


Tom Izzo agrees: Kyler Elsworth's Stanford stuff best Michigan State walk-on play since Tim Bograkos' 3 vs Kentucky

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

"Walk-ons" are the "heart and soul" of "Completion." I love an underdog, perhaps because, I'm an underdog.


Administration taps Accenture to take over HealthCare.gov

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

CGI Federal out, Accenture hired to save Obamacare, still searching to enroll college kids to self-finance itself.


Just 10,000 steps makes a PGA win!

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

Tiger Woods at 79 PGA wins at just 38 years old, walks 10,000 steps in each of those extraordinary PGA wins. Just as Sam Snead at 83 PGA record wins did in each of his extraordinary PGA wins between 1938-1965. Tiger needs just 5 PGA wins in the 2014 PGA season to take Snead's lifetime record of 10,000-step PGA wins.

How many folks out there are just plain giving up looking for a job?

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

December 6.7% unemployment reflects 79,000 jobs created, and 300,000 folks who've given up, dropped out, and stopped looking for jobs not out there.

Budget cuts families must not make at the kitchen table in 2014

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14


Discussing on Latin Business Today budget cuts that are off the table for families to make ends meet?.


The Nixon China Games in the Obama Era

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

How much of our money is owed to China? In 2007, 7% of U.S. Debt was owed to the Bank of China. Today 8% of our debt is owed to China's Bank.

The White House Just Reportedly Delayed Yet Another Key Obamacare Provision

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

Obamacare Law changes again - oh my dizzying “…tax officials said they would not enforce the provision this year…” 


Great Divide?

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

Great Divide? Top 1% owns 50% of the world's wealth assets. That's just 85 people at the top own what 3.5 billion people at the bottom have.

Document: ObamaCare contractor faces mid-March deadline or disaster

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

Official documents reveal no exit built in Obamacare to match enrollees and insurers. New website contractor Accenture must build one by mid-March deadline, oh my?


The Best Tech Skills to List on Your Resume in 2014

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

From Business News Daily:

Big data.

"The grand challenge for job seekers to understand and assess in 2014 is how businesses, governments and universities can harness big data analytics in shaping their competitive strategy and advantages, in capturing real value, and in managing enterprise risks, that in particular, cuts across these nine risks - interconnectivity, systems, markets, operations, regulations, credit (and collateral), innovation, legal, and liquidity (cash). -- Oliver McGee III, a professor of mechanical engineering and former vice president for research and compliance at Howard University. He also is the former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Technology Policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation and former Senior Policy Advisor in The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy."


Former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of transportation optimistic about 2014 Sochi Olympic Games

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

From Government Security News Magazine:

"Terrorism is all about interrupting the flow of human activity, not just taking human life,” says Oliver McGee (adding) people are currently exposed to the same amount of risk at home in the U.S. as they will be in Sochi. “There is always the possibility of a terrorist attack and we all have to be very mindful in this post 9/11 era,” he explains while citing recent incidents such as the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the Columbia Mall shooting in Maryland. “Individual self-security is good homeland security.”


Why do prosecutors become defense attorneys?

by Oliver McGee on 02/03/14

Oliver McGee discusses this question alongside legal eagles at LawCrossing.com

"I've learned at the University of Cambridge and the University of London Law Schools that criminal law is all about how one logically breaks down the anatomy of the defenses of the guilty mind, once the act of wrongful liability has been clearly established. Good defenses are creative defenses that persuade 12 minds simultaneously, which is an extremely high-bar threshold, as to the innocence of the alleged guilty mind of the defendant. The great Alan Dershowitz of Harvard has taught me that criminal defense is about getting through a procedural process of just ten decisions, one of which is the decision of 12 minds simultaneously persuaded by a good criminal defense team to get to just one decision."


Budget cuts families must not make at the kitchen table in 2014

by Oliver McGee on 01/19/14

Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Oliver McGee, former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of transportation for technology policy in the Clinton Administration, gives his take on financial cuts in 2014 that are non-negotiable for families balancing their budgets at the kitchen table.  McGee also comments on how these essential financial decisions will impact the daily housekeeping choices of families.

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Integrated academic and research capacity building at historically black colleges and universities

by Oliver McGee on 01/18/14

As Howard University's first Vice President for Research and Compliance in 2007, Oliver McGee wrote "Bridging The Black Research Gap" available online at http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B008NC1AJ2

Working with NSF in 2007, we established the university's "Research at The Capstone" brand identity and status, see http://www.howard.edu/research/

We are pleased to see NSF now recognizing the university's sustained research status in 2013! see http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4563329

Hispanic Business features Partnership Possibilities for America Oliver McGee's discussion on the future of surface transportation

by Oliver McGee on 01/13/14

Partnership Possibilities for America announced that Oliver McGee, former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of transportation for technology policy in the Clinton Administration, gave his take on the future of surface transportation technologies and how they will impact the business of the nation's freight transportation enterprise.

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Church Executive features "Baby-boomer retirees plan to give forward"

by Oliver McGee on 01/13/14

Very thankful my recent release on planned giving and philanthropy got picked up by Church Executive

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