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Partnership Possibilites for America guide, develop, and build  social, technological, educational, economic, and political (STEEP) capacity of people, ideas, and things for philanthropy that will be accessible to everyone working across government, university, and industry partnerships. We will increase the quality of life for all generations. We will be able to increase STEEP services to the American people. We envision a more abled citizenry, who is engaged in the common desire to create a good life and a good society. Because, we believe America is extraordinary. Americans are good. America works. Founded by Oliver McGee - Biography

Learn more: Malaysia 370’s Black-Box ; What's Possible in uploading Black-Box data in real-time.

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Invested in STEEP Giving Forward
Oliver McGee with Frank Mottek, Host, Los Angeles CBS Radio -- KNX Business Hour, talking about the Missing Malaysia Flight 370 Mystery
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Bloomberg TV, MH370
Malaysia Air Flight 370